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About the Alien Characters Series by Neil A Hogan

Thank you for your interest in the Alien Characters Series.

Each alien character has its own unique world, its own interests and passions and a particular skill that will come in useful as the series progresses. The ebooks have a connecting arc but they can be read separately without needing to read them in order.

Illustrated ebooks have 38 pages, text-only ebooks about 21 pages. Eventually the text-only stories will be converted to illustrated stories. In the meantime, stories will continue to be released.

The plan is for one new alien character every 4 weeks or so, with an additional new character at Christmas time.

There is no limit to the type of alien characters that can exist. As the series accepts different realities, dimensions, infinite numbers of pasts and futures, and the idea that everything is conscious, then absolutely anything can exist as an alien. It is not restricted to three dimensional reality plus some linear space time travel like all other types of science fiction and fantasy today. Anything is possible and anything can happen!

The series has a number of science fiction, science fantasy and metaphysical elements derived from popular media, so if you listen to channellers of alien entities, look up UFO news reports, have an understanding of real human history from before 13,000 years ago, are familiar with what has been prophesied for the human race in the next thousand years or have had encounters with aliens recently you'll probably identify with some of the storylines.

All stories contain the idea of being independent, following your dreams, passions and excitement, being true to yourself, going forward with love and integrity, helping people, and being accepting of many different races, cultures and customs in the galaxy. In essence, many children are like this today and these books reflect their thinking.

The first 13 stories (1-13) revolves around the introduction of the Alien Characters and how they meet. The 14th story is of an unrelated alien in another galaxy exploring the theme of Christmas.

The second 13 (15-27) introduces more characters which join them on an important mission in the interstellar space ship The Celestial Breeze and The Companion Planet Elizabeth. The 14th is another Christmas Special.

The third set of 13 (29-41) introduces new characters to the mix and continues their adventures on their mission to find more crew members throughout the galaxy, with many of the adventures set in an alternate reality where everything is 'a bit wrong'. This series also involves a conflict with an invading race called the Antagonians. The 14th (#42) is a special ebook with a nod to the late Roger Hargreaves and his series of Mr Men books.

The fourth set of 13 (43-55) is set in the void between The Large Magellanic Cloud and the Milky Way Galaxy. The 14th ebook is another Christmas special.

The fifth set of 13 (57-69) is set in the Milky Way Galaxy, and includes Alexander's Moon, which joins Planet Elizabeth and the Alien Characters on their mission.

Galactic Missions, a spin-off series of novels for older children involving the Alien Characters is set between #69 and #70.

The sixth set of 13 (71-83) features stories from the various Alien Characters around the galaxies. Some stories are set on Alexanders Moon. Some are set on Earth. Some on the Celestial Breeze spaceship and others are in other places. The arc involves a journey to the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Series 8 involves - well, you'll just have to wait and see. Big surprises in store!

I hope you enjoy the Alien Characters stories and I'll do my best to keep bringing out off the wall, crazy, incredible characters for you.

Neil A Hogan
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