Alien Hamish
Illustrated Metaphysical Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories #2
A fun and friendly alien story for children of all ages


Hamish is, well of course he is, an Alien.

A Zygaenian to be exact. He lives on the planet Carcharhini in the Elasmobranchial System in the galaxy called the Large Magellanic Cloud.

Well, thatís what the alien translator said, anyway!

I think it just makes it up, donít you?

Hamish works in New Hammerburge, a split level city on the coast of the country Hammerica.

By night he lives in the land city and by day he works in the sea city.

Getting to his job is easy. He doesnít have to drive a car or take buses or trains or taxis or ferries or hovercraft orÖ

Oh No!

He swims there!

Every day Zygaenians swim to their offices. Itís a great way of waking up in the morning.

So, what sort of job does Hamish have, to have to swim to it every day?

Well, Hamish pushes stars around.

But, not Movie Stars!

Oh No!

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About Alien Hamish
Name: Alien Hamish
Origin: Hammerica, on the planet Carcharhini in the Elasmobranchial System
Galaxy: Large Magellanic Cloud
Passion: Interstellar Manipulation
Current Position: Celestial Breeze Pilot and Navigator
Special Skills: Telepathy, Locating Stars, Swimming
Density: Third
Current Location: Aboard the spaceship The Celestial Breeze.
Similarity to Earth creatures: Alien Hamish has some similarity to Hammerhead Sharks

An Introduction to Alien Hamish and the Alien Characters Series

Alien Hamish is one of the many fun Alien Characters in this metaphysical science fiction and fantasy series, featuring wonderful illustrations by Genelyn Javier.

Each ebook contains an encapsulated story within the Alien Characters universe and each story features a new character. They can be read as stand-alone titles or in groups of series.

If you're a parent looking for something new for your child, or a present for your child's friends, the Alien Characters series will make interesting gifts. The style of writing is for a similar age group to the Mr Men and Thomas the Tank Engine books, and makes for great bedtime reading.

Ebooks 1-13 introduce a number of characters that eventually band together at a conference in story 13 entitled 'Alien Sophie'.  Alien Hamish is #2 in the Alien Characters series which is currently approaching 70 titles and has a spin off series for older readers entitled Galactic Missions.

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