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The Celestial Breeze - Interstellar Space Ship
The Companion Planet - Intergalactic Space Ship

The Celestial Breeze spaceship is an interstellar star ship from the Large Magellanic Cloud. Capable of crossing the entire galaxy in just a few seconds due to its flash coordinates system, The Celestial Breeze is the fastest mothership in the Galactic Council's fleet.

Part of its mission is to meet alien races from all over the Large Magellanic Cloud and bring suitable candidates on board to assist in its main mission.

The main starship computer is called Alien Sarah and is subconsciously linked to all members on board, supplying instant language translation between all races, having over 20 billion languages and dialects available.

As the crew think of something they need to find, need to know or need an answer for, the information is instantly supplied without any kind of conscious connection to Alien Sarah. The crew knows something when they need to know.

Alien Sarah does have voice command capabilities and will talk with those who are not subconsciously connected to her. Currently there is only one being not connected and that is Alien Robert who is a Robot. Connection would interfere with his own connection to his other 846 selves on the planet Robotos. However, many beings will automatically speak aloud anyway, as it is sometimes something they prefer to do.

The Celestial Breeze is cylindrical and contains about 37 cylinders, one within another, featuring many different alien environments. One end contains a mini ship or scout ship hangar and factory and another end contains interplanetary engines and other small propulsion systems. The mini ships are a variety of shapes, depending on which alien owns what, though the Celestial Breeze creates its own triangular shaped ships. These are used for short hops to planetary surfaces, planetary energy reconfiguration and interorbit meetings, amongst other things.

The Celestial Breeze itself is connected to another ship currently known as The Companion Planet. The Companion Planet accompanies The Celestial Breeze on its journey and, as the name suggests, is the size of a planet with centuries of resources available and plenty of space for billions to join the mission if needed.

As The Celestial Breeze relocates, it takes The Companion Planet with it. As The Celestial Breeze doesn't actually need to propel itself, so to speak, it's possible for The Celestial Breeze and The Planet to relocate from one part of the galaxy to another in seconds.

The Companion Planet itself has its own intergalactic drive that uses higher dimensional power to travel between galaxies. The Companion Planet is required for when The Celestial Breeze needs to relocate between galaxies as coordinates for destinations outside the Large Magellanic Cloud have not been calculated yet and need to be triangulated while travelling.

The mission is for The Celestial Breeze, The Companion Planet, the crew and billions of alien travellers to cross the void between the Large Magellanic Cloud and the Milky Way Galaxy.

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And here is an amazing image of the inside of the Celestial Breeze Spaceship.
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