Alien Characters - Metaphysical Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories

Alien Characters is a fun collection of alien ufo style metaphysical science fiction and fantasy (MSFF) set in The Large Magellanic Cloud - a galaxy close to our Milky Way Galaxy.

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You can also read some samples below. If you like Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Mr Men, Thomas the Tank Engine and Grugg, you're bound to enjoy these ebooks.

If you or your children are interested in space travel, time travel, alien worlds, stars, planets, galaxies, astronomy, science, chemistry, physics, technology, science fiction, fantasy, outer space and metaphysics then you'll probably find something in this series for you.

Come back soon to read more! We hope you enjoy the Alien Characters series.


01. Alien Bob (illustrated)

02. Alien Hamish (illustrated)

03. Alien Robert (illustrated)

04. Alien Christine (illustrated)

05. Alien Tim (illustrated)

06. Alien Vince (illustrated)

07. Alien Carla (illustrated)

08. Alien Rex (illustrated)

09. Alien Amanda (illustrated)

10. Alien Nathanial (illustrated)

11. Alien Anneke (illustrated)

12. Alien James (illustrated)

13. Alien Sophie (illustrated)

14X. Alien Holly (illustrated - xmas)


15. Alien Sarah (illustrated)

16. Alien Luca (illustrated)

17. Alien Isabella (Illustrated - Coming Soon)

18. Alien William (illustrated - Coming Soon)

19. Alien Grace (illustrated - Coming Soon)

20. Alien David (text-only)

21. Alien Lily (text-only)

22. Alien Matthew (text-only)

23. Alien Kylie (text-only)

24. Alien Jack (text-only)

25. Alien Emma (text-only)

26. Alien Aiden (text-only)

27. Alien Elizabeth (text-only)

28X. Alien Celeste (illustrated-xmas)


29. Alien Chloe (text-only)

30. Alien Nicholas (text-only)

31. Alien Madison (text-only)

32. Alien  Ryan (text-only)

33. Alien Olivia (text-only)

34. Alien Paul (text-only)

35. Alien Nicole (text-only)

36. Alien Jayden (text-only)

37. Alien Kristy (text-only)

38. Alien Ethan (text-only)

39. Alien Ava (text-only)

40. Alien Jacob (text-only)

41. Alien Madeline (text-only)

42X. Alien Roger (illustrated-xmas)

"The Void"

43. Alien Jackson (text-only)

44. Alien Hailey (text-only)

45. Alien Logan (text-only)

46. Alien Mia (text-only)

47. Alien Noah (text-only)

48. Alien Abigail (text-only)

49. Alien Caden (text-only)

50. Alien Zoe (text-only)

51. Alien Liam (text-only)

52. Alien Ella (text-only)

53. Alien Mason (text-only)

54. Alien Anna (text-only)

55. Alien Alexander (text-only)

56X. Alien Zeta (Coming Soon)

"The Milky Way"

57. Alien Hannah (text-only)

58. Alien Andrew (text-only)

59. Alien Ashley (text-only)

60. Alien Christopher (text-only)

61. Alien Alexis (text-only)

62. Alien Joseph (text-only)

63. Alien Samantha (text-only)

64. Alien Daniel (text-only)

65. Alien Alyssa (text-only)

66. Alien Bill (text-only)

67. Alien Jessica (text-only)

68. Alien Anthony (text-only)

69. Alien Mary (text-only)

70X. Alien Ida Coming Soon

"Centre" (2014-2015)

#71 Alien Luke
#72 Alien Skye
#73 Alien Jerry
#74 Alien Brianna
#75 Alien Michael
#76 Alien Victoria
#77 Alien Ben
#78 Alien Saya
#79 Alien Don
#80 Alien Gwen
#81 Alien Albert
#82 Alien Felix
#83 Alien Craig
#84X TBA


Galactic Mission Series

Chapter Books starring your favourite Alien Characters in a whole new series set in the Solar System!

1. Ida and the Planet Invasion

2. Gabriel and the Resurrection of Maldek

3. Tiara and the Alien Comet Apocalypse

Coming Soon:
4. John and the Ancient Earth Defenses (in 2015)
5. Lauren and the Aliens of the Depths
6. Joshua and the Sasquatch Inheritance
7. Kayla and the Extraterrestrial Revelation

Alien Robert

Alien Tim

Alien Carla

Alien Rex

Alien Amanda

Alien Nathanial

Alien Characters in Japanese!

Alien Bob - Japanese

Alien Hamish - Japanese

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